Conferencia Europea de Estudios Filipinos en Madrid

European Philippine Studies Conference, Alcala (Spain) 9-12 September 2001

      The University of Alcala and the Spanish Pacific Studies Association are pleased to announce the 4th European Philippine Studies Conference (Europhil) to be held in Alcala, Spain, 9-12 September 2001.
      Europhil is coordinated to follow directly on from the completion of the Euroseas Conference in London.
      The aim of Europhil is to increase the level of awareness of Philippine Studies in Europe and to enhance contact between scholars of the Philippines both within the continent and beyond. Previous successful conferences have been held in Amsterdam (1991), London (1994) and, most recently, Aix-en-Provence (1997).
      The thematic title of the conference is The Philippines in Southeast Asia and Beyond. While it is hoped to encourage discussion and generate debate through comparative studies of Filipino society with those of other nations and cultures within the region. Contributions from any field or topic on Philippine Studies such as politics, economic development, archaeology, gender, history, environment, are welcome. The conference's keynote speaker is Benedict Anderson.
      Contributors may either seek to join existing tentative panels as outlined below or, where appropriate, propose new one or conferences not related to any panel. The conference strongly encourages to put together panels on language, gender or the history of the Archipelago before contact with the West.
      The speakers invited and panels envisaged are:
      Panel 1: "Regional Linkages of the Philippines". Convenor: Wilfrido (Menito) Villacorta, Yuchengco Center for East Asia, De la Salle University,
      Panel 2: "Recent political developments". Convenor: John Sidel, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London University,
      Panel 3: "Visual representations of the Philippines". Convenor: Bernardita Reyes Churchill, University of the Philippines and De la Salle University,
      Panel 4: "Natural hazards and the environment in the Philippines". Convenor: Greg Bankoff, University of Auckland,
      Panel 5: "Ethnic Groups in the Philippines. A Comparison with South East Asia". Convenors:
      Francisco Giner Abati, University of Salamanca,, and
      Charles MacDonald, Maison Asie Pacifique, CNRS-Université de Provence,
      Panel 6: "Muslim in the Philippines and Southeast Asia". Convenor: Mike Matsura (to be confirmed)
      Panel 7: "The rise of a new middle class and culture". Convenor: Ma. Cynthia Rosa Banzon Bautista, University of the Philippines,
      Panel 8: "Philippines and Southeast Asia: contacts along History". Convenors:
      Florentino Rodao, Spanish Pacific Studies Association,, and
      Andrés del Castillo, El Colegio de Mexico,
      Panel 9: "The politics and economics of revolutionary times: transformations in Philippine society 1880s - 1920s". Convenor: Willem Wolters, Catholic University of Nijmegen,
      Panel 10: "New approaches in Philippine History". Convenor: Lola Elizalde, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC),
      Panel 11: "ASEAN: Challenges and Developments". Convenor: Carolina G. Hernandez, Institute for Strategic and Development Studies (ISDS, University of the Philippines),
      Panel 12: "Economic History of the Philippines". Convenors:
      Luis Alonso Álvarez, University of Coruña,, and
      Arturo Giraldez, University of the Pacific, Stockton, California.
      Panel 13: "Manila and other Megacities in Southeast Asia". Convenor: Xavier Huetz de Lemps, Université de Nice,
      Panel 14: "The Architecture of Philippines and Southeast Asia: An Assessment". Convenor: Joaquin Ibañez, Instituto Español de Arquitectura,

      The committee reserves the right to accept some papers from a proposed session and reject others, and to assign papers to different sessions.

      Alcala is situated 25km Northeast from Madrid. The birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes, it is also a repository of archival material on the Philippines, mostly from the 19th Century, at the Archivo General de la Administración. A city founded by Cardinal Ximénez de Cisneros in the early 16th century, it is the first planned university town in the world. This beautiful historical site was declared a World Heritage Site in 1998 by UNESCO, and includes 20 buildings classified as National Monuments and a further 445 buildings protected by Spanish legislation. Outstanding among the principal monuments are the University building itself, where the Conference will be held, and the Colegio Mayor de San Ildefonso that forms the heart of the University.
      In order to register for the Europhil conference, you will need to submit in an electronic format (*.rtf and *.doc files are strongly preferred):
      - A paper abstract (maximum 1 A4 page inn a Times New Roman 12 format);
      - A completed registration form.
      These two documents must be sent to the Conference Secretariat ( no later than May 1st. In case you cannot send these documents in an electronic format, you may mail them to:
      AEEP - Europhil Secretariat
      CMUNSA, Avda. Ramiro de Maeztu s/n
      Madrid 28040 (Spain)
      Documents must be sent both to the Conference Secretariat and directly to the panel convenors. All correspondence regarding papers should be with addressed to the panel convenors.
      You can download the registration and abstract forms from our website:
      A full version of your paper should also be sent in the appropriate form to the Conference Secretariat and the corresponding panel convenors before June 1st. Applications for accommodation benefits of participants whose full version papers are not received by this deadline will not be considered.
      Note: that your registration will be effective only once your registration fee’s payment is made.
      The registration fee for the 4th European Congress on Philippine Studies (Europhil) varies by date of payment:
      -Before May 1st 2001: Participantt US$ 35; accompanying person US$120;
      -After May 1st 2001: Participant US$50; accompanying person US$150.
      Payments must be made by wire transfer to the following account number:
      Recipient: Asociación Española de Estudios del Pacífico
      Institution: Caja Madrid
      Address: Hilarión Eslava 47, Madrid 28015 (Spain)
      Account Number: 2038 1976 18 6000018992
      Do not forget to keep your wire transfer receipt and fax it along with a photocopy of your valid passport (for Spanish citizens only, DNI will be accepted) to the Conference Secretariat:
      +34 915540401
      (Attn. Europhil)
      The Organizing Committee reserves the right to issue special invitations for panel convenors, authorities and other personalities.
      February 1st – Last day to propose panels.
      May 1st – Last day to register (abstract + registration form).
      May 15th – Last day to benefit from reduced registration fee (payment + passport copy).
      June 1st – Last day to submit your completed document.
      July 1st – Accommodation benefits announcement.
      Information about accommodation facilities at and nearby Alcala de Henares will soon be sent. Partial or total discounts for hotel reservations may be offered by the organization depending on the availability of funds. An announcement about this matter will be made on July 1st. Please check Europhil's website ( or contact the Conference Secretariat for further information.

Conference Director:
Florentino Rodao, President, Spanish Pacific Studies Association (AEEP).
Conference Manager:
Carlos Asenjo, Spanish Pacific Studies Association (AEEP),
Organizing Committee:
Belinda Aquino, Director, Center for Philippines Studies, University of Hawaii-Manoa.
Greg Bankoff, Senior Lecturer, Department of History, University of Auckland.
Raul Pertierra, School of Sociology, University of New South Wales, Sydney.
Mike Cullinane, Associate Director, Center for Southeast Asian Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Charles McDonald, Maison Asie Pacifique, CNRS-Université de Provence.
Felice Noelle Rodriguez, Director, Department of History, Ateneo de Manila University.
Otto van den Muijzenberg, Center for Asian Studies Amsterdam (CASA), University of Amsterdam.
Bernardita Reyes Churchill, University of the Philippines and De la Salle University.

Foregoing the Congress:
Asociación Española de Estudios del Pacífico
Europhil Secretariat
CMUNSA, Avda. Ramiro de Maeztu s/n
Madrid 28040 Spain
Tel. +34 91 5540104
Fax. +34 91 5540401
During the Congress:
Universidad de Alcala
Oficina de Protocolo
Pza. San Diego, s/n
Alcala de Henares 28805 Spain
Tel. +34 918854089
Fax. +34 918854126
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